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Rising Tide Brewing Company is a family-owned craft brewery located in Portland, Maine. We specialize in artisanal, hand-crafted ales brewed in small batches. Our beers are available in cans and on draft in our tasting room in Portland's East Bayside neighborhood and at select locations in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. If you are a retailer interested in carrying our beer, please check our Contact page for a list of distributors.



Director of Brewing Operations and Owner

Rising Tide's beers are brewed by Nathan Sanborn, a Portland native. Prior to founding Rising Tide in 2010, Nathan spent more than a dozen years teaching himself about brewing, experimenting with creative recipes on his home-brewing system, and serving up his beers for feedback from friends and family. Nathan is fascinated by the science and the art of beer-making. He strives to create beers that are informed by traditional styles but with a creative, modern sensibility.

When he's not brewing and selling beer, Nathan likes to ski, sail, cycle, and cook for friends and family.


Director of Business Operations and Owner

After earning a master's degree in teaching and then a law degree, Heather never expected to be running a brewery.  But she has jumped on board with a level of excitement that has buoyed Rising Tide from its very inception. From financial projections to supply chains, Heather pulls a laboring oar in nearly every aspect of the brewery operations. Heather is currently serving in the Maine House of Representatives, and is past-president of the Maine Brewers' Guild.

When she's not putting out fires at the brewery, Heather likes to ski, sail, watch NFL football, and hang out with her son and her pup.

Jared Carr



While drinking a Fat Tire with a friend one night, Jared thought: "This is good beer. I like to make things, I want to make good beer!" After his friend stopped laughing, Jared made a plan and started drinking his way through the local craft breweries of Jackson Hole and Maine. After a year-long trip to New Zealand, Jared returned to Maine and started on his path of brewing good beer at several Maine breweries. He now finds himself at Rising Tide and is loving the craft beer scene in the East Bayside area of Portland. When he's not drinking or brewing beer, Jared loves traveling and enjoying the Maine food scene with his wife, winter hiking, and kicking his friend's asses yearly at the Kenduskeag canoe race in Bangor.


Jake Warner

Maine SAles RepresenTative

After chasing heavy-hopped IPAs up and down the west coast for nearly a decade, Jake has moved back to New England with sights set on exploring and rediscovering his native state of Maine.  When not sampling Portland's freshest brews, you can find Jake on the slopes or the soccer field, stirring something in the kitchen, or strumming a guitar somewhere around town.  His favorite beers include any iteration of the IPA, barrel-aged blends, and anything that accompanies a good taco.



MA & NH Sales Rep.

Chris found his love of beer at the bottom of a pint of Guinness while backpacking through Ireland back in ‘98.  He hasn’t stopped traveling or hunting down the perfect pint since. After a decade of globetrotting, Chris settled in Portland, Oregon and got down to the business of beer. After a few years of slinging brews it was time to go on walkabout, this time he laced up the hiking boots and hit the trail. He has since thru-hiked six long distance trails, including completing the Triple Crown.  Thru-hiking is thirsty work, so he returned to his native Boston in search of a pint. It was there that he found Rising Tide and quickly became part of the crew. He is a loud and proud supporter of the New England Revolution. 


Kailey Partin



Kailey is a Maine transplant originally from suburbs of Philadelphia by way of Ithaca, New York.  She has a background in performing arts management and multi-media design.  Her passion for craft brewing started with Ithaca Beer Co.'s CascaZilla and only grew upon arrival in Portland.  As a weekend beer tasting and brewery touring hobbyist, she loves working with the crew at Rising Tide.  When she is not in the office, she enjoys soaking up the sun by exploring the beautiful coast of Maine, taking photographs, cooking with her wife, and spending time with close friends.



Quality Control Specialist

Hanging out with Old Rasputin at Delaney’s Tap Room in Connecticut, Merritt found his love for craft beer. Since then, he's worked in beer bars, tried any beer he could, and started home brewing. Six years and one Best In Show medal later he couldn't be happier to have landed at Rising Tide.  Merritt loves riding his bike along the East Coast Greenway, growing his beard, and is teaching himself to play the banjo.

Joe Reynolds

Front of House Manager

Joe's love of beer is a result of spending a decade behind bars selling it. Whether it was in the mountains of Utah, the Charleston low country, or here in Portland, Joe has poured many a pint to many a thirsty patron. You can find him in the tasting room happily educating folks about what to eat, drink, and do while in Vacationland. When he's not pouring beers in the Tasting Room, Joe spends his days trail running, building furniture, settling Catan, and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties.


Jeromy Washington

Warehouse MANAGER

A long time beer lover, Jeromy was exposed to the local craft beer scene working for a vendor catering to many local brewers. When he isn’t shipping, receiving, moving and storing beer and all the ingredients to make it, Jeromy loves riding motorcycles, atvs and dirt bikes or just hanging out with his wife and their retired racing greyhound.


Adrian Beck-Oliver


Childhood summers sailing the Penobscot Bay and a cold Nova Scotia winter homebrewing combined in odd and mysterious ways to bring Adrian to the brew team. As the story goes, homebrewing turned from a hobby into an obsession and then into a career. After 7 years of working for environmentally minded non-profits Adrian earned a diploma from the Siebel Institute of Technology and worked at several breweries in Massachusetts prior to joining Rising Tide. When not at the brewery he and his wife Colleen can be found exploring the Maine culinary and natural environments, visiting breweries and the occasional winery, snowboarding, and going to concerts where the predominate time signature is 7/8.




Nick grew up in Maine, spent some time in the Midwest, spent a little time in the Rocky Mountains, and is now back in Maine, he hopes, for good.  When Nick has a free moment he likes to bird watch, ski, hike and, in the fall, watch college football.

Ben Jones.jpg

Ben Jones

production assistant

Originally from West Virginia, Ben discovered the world of craft beer a few years ago in Delaware and hasn't looked back since. His passion for a delicious barley pop and long winters eventually lead him to Maine where he fell in love with New England and its booming epicenter for craft libations. When he's not getting his hands dirty, Ben enjoys long walks on the beach, smoking a fine cigar, and petting every dog he sees. 


Heath Garson

Tasting Room Bar Back

A born and raised Portland native, Heath’s passion for craft beer started during a gap year adventure to Germany that found him tasting everything from Hefeweizens to Doppelbocks. His interest in the science of beer and fermentation sparked even further during his Biology education at the University of Southern Maine. When not keeping the Tasting Room running smoothly, he can be found mountain biking through deep woods of Maine, or experimenting with the fermentation of cider and kombucha at home. Some of Heath’s favorite activities include running, hiking, live music, and exploring scary places. 



Packaging Manager

Inheriting his love of well-made American beers from his father, Alex has carefully followed the explosion of Maine craft brewing since moving north from Washington DC a decade ago.  When not solving problems on the brewery floor, you can find him playing music around Portland, fly fishing, or enjoying the best of what the Maine outdoors has to offer. 


Mike O'Neal

Production Assistant

On his 21st birthday, Mike O’Neal walked directly to Brooklyn and bought his first home brewing kit. Since moving back to Maine, he is excited to upgrade to the big-kid brewing kit at Rising Tide. He is also a professional musician, saxophone repair apprentice, amateur mechanic, and competitive karaoke enthusiast. His best Halloween costume, naturally, was Sexy Sax Man since the only song he is ever asked to play is “Careless Whisper.”

Liz Pratt

Liz Pratt

Production Assistant

After spending a few years in Boston building event programs for small breweries, Liz came to Rising Tide to help create, package, share, and enjoy beer in better and better ways. When she's not here, she's probably exploring new breweries or serving as Operations Chair for the regional chapter of the Master Brewers Association. If her friends and loved ones beg her to do something that isn't related to beer, she digs exploring new places, watching bad movies, snuggling her three-legged cat, or trying in vain to fix her terrible motorcycle. Please tell her all your cheesy jokes, she loves them.


Monica link

Tasting room ambassador

Monica found her passion for craft beer while drinking her buddy Chris's homemade brews. She has even run a beer mile and successfully completed it (totally ask her about it)! When she isn't pouring beer for customers, she is mostly likely walking along the beach, jamming out to classic vinyls, watching One Tree Hill (for the 4th time), or pouring herself a beer.

Rori photo

Rori Crossman

Tasting room ambassador

Rori is an active community member and beer enthusiast.  She has worn many hats in the beer scene but enjoys educating and partaking with the public most of all.  When not working at the brewery she can be found listening to a great local band (we have a few here in Portland) or wandering the beaches enjoying some craft beers.




Though a New Englander by birth, Michael honed his brewery skills (and penchant for bib overalls) in the heart of the Puget Sound. He enjoyed his time there very much but ultimately the lack of sunlight for eight months of the year was simply too much to bear. In his spare time he watches way too much TV, bakes, and adheres strictly to the philosophy of KonMari.


Brady Alden


Brady began brewing professionally after stints as a writer, painter, music seller, house builder, tee shirt printer, shipping clerk, shelf stocker, invitation engraver and nighttime laborer. When he’s not busy brewing or drinking, he still enjoys writing and painting, and is a long time advocate of analog music, funky cheese and long walks in the woods. Despite a world of forums to the contrary, he still says the world’s greatest beer is the one in his hand. 



production assistant

Missy's quest of beer started like most people, by drinking a lot. Then she wondered how it was made and has now opened a bottle that cannot be closed.  After working too many years in the restaurant industry, she decided to call it quits and started learning everything she could about brewing, joined a couple clubs, and started working as a brewer. When Missy's not brewing, you can find her biking, hiking, boating, cooking, or doing more research on beer. 


Haley Campbell

Tasting room Ambassador

Haley has bounced around different roles in the brewing industry for quite a few years now. She loves the science behind the production of beer but also loves being out of the lab and interacting with our beer drinkers. Her other interests are electronic dance music, exploring the great outdoors of Maine with her dogs, and Twisted Tea. 

Dan Keller


Tasting Room Ambassador

Dan first saw the light shining down on his glass from beer heaven when he tried his first Two Hearted. Shifting from stocking beers to working here at Rising Tide, doing what he describes as “everything from grain to glass,” he is elated to be part of the family. His hobbies outside of work include following “the only team that matters” (Detroit Red Wings), disc golf, jam bands, wowing his wife with awesome culinary skills, and continuing his pursuit to find the Perfect Rueben Sandwich