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Heather Sanborn, a Maine Icon

Heather Sanborn left a lucrative career practicing law to help her husband grow Rising Tide Brewery in 2012. But at the time it was illegal for breweries to charge for samples of beer in a tasting room. So Sanborn became a member of the Maine Brewers’ Guild and utilized her legal expertise to play an instrumental part in getting the law changed.

The result has been an explosion in beer tourism for Southern Maine, attracting tourists from throughout New England and beyond.

Local Fresh Fruit Adds New Flavors to Rising Tide's Beers

Rising Tide Brewing Company's recent release of Cordial and Coulis featured fresh raspberries and cherries from Doles Orchard

Rising Tide Pairs Craft Beer and Classical Music

On Thursday, August 11th Rising Tide partners with Original Gravity Concert Series to host a special event pairing modern classical music with a special release craft beer. 

Rising Tide Wins Maine Family Business Award

Maine family-owned companies were recognized for exemplary business practices at the annual Maine Family Business Awards gala.

Rising Tide Begins Using Locally Sourced Malts in Every Batch Brewed

Rising Tide Brewing Co. said it plans to use some Maine-grown and processed grains in every batch of beer it brews.